We’re serving consistently awesome coffee from the local legends at Fiori (blends and single origins) and a healthy selection of local cold pressed juices.

We offer a super tasty range of fresh, quick and well priced eats, with gluten free options of course. See our menu for our range of open face sandwiches and our counter for our ever changing range of pastries and cakes.

Our little war on waste:

We’re doing our best to lighten our load on the planet by using only recyclable and bio-degradable packaging. We grow our own greens and feed them with composted materials from our kitchen and worm farm. You can grab coffee grinds from us for your own compost too!

Bring your re-usable cup to receive a 50¢ discount on your coffee. Or buy one of our Keep Cups and get your first fill for free too!


Toasted semi-polenta sour dough, topped with..

  • Avocado, tahini, cucumber, coriander, chili flakes  8.5
  • Goats cheese, roasted pear, rosemary, rocket, prosciutto  9.5
  • Grilled cheddar, roasted capsicum, thyme, mayo, pickles, sriracha  7.5
  • Roasted fennel, Avocado, feta, sriracha, radish micro-greens  8.5
  • Tuna provencal, egg, tomato, mayo, basil  8.5


  • Croissant, ham, cheese
  • Fruit & Nut toast
  • Banana bread
  • Selection of brownies and GF cakes

Opening times:

Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 2pm