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Orbea is a bicycle manufacturer based in Mallabia, Spain. Orbea began in 1840 as a rifle and gun manufacturer then began making bicycles in the 1930s. Orbea is Spain’s largest bicycle manufacturer. Orbea designs and builds bicycles both in Portugal and in Mallabia, Spain. In 1969, the workers of Orbea united to purchase the company, forming a cooperative. The company still operates as a cooperative to this day. William Street Cycle Co is very proud to offer these wonderful urban bikes and e bikes to the people of Perth.


You have a style, and you know what fits. Combine it in a certain way with the Carpe. These urban bikes are lightweight, versatile, and comfortable. There is beauty when you feel the handlebars, the smoothness of the gear change, or the harmony of its parts. You’ll like your city and its streets even more while moving on two wheels. Nobody can stop you. These are the urban commuter bikes that give you the freedom you’ve been waiting for. Throw a leg over and enjoy.


BICYCLES FOR A NEW PARADIGM. The world is continually evolving. Our customs, spaces and needs have reached a turning point. Katu is a platform that is especially sensitive to the new way in which we move about the city, designed for both those who want to get started in urban cycling and those who are already very experienced or even professionals. Practicality, style, environmental friendliness and urban coexistence are the main pillars of this new product that we introduce to you in different electric and non-electric versions. Enjoy discovering everything about the Katu, from the general concept to how we’ve taken care of every last detail.